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Monday, May 18, 2015

Use Vlc Videolan library with delphi - Example of IPTV app in delphi 7

App developed by me that prove how to use VLC Library with delphi
Here is an exemple of app developed with delphi 7 with full source , and connected with remote server mysql and include the system bonus , create channel like Youtube, subscribtion and like and number of viewer
with possibilité to become a member ...etc

Demos and full source included in pack

Now before load libvlc library PasLibVlc 
try detect library architecture (32 or 64 bit)

Update for better compatibility with libvlc 2.2.0

  EqualizerGetPresetList(): TStringList;
  EqualizerGetBandCount(): Word;
  EqualizerGetBandFrequency(bandIndex : Word): Single;

  EqualizerCreate(APreset : Word = $FFFF) : TPasLibVlcEqualizer;
  EqualizerApply(AEqualizer : TPasLibVlcEqualizer);
  EqualizerSetPreset(APreset : Word = $FFFF);
  Include Delphi XE7 demo with simple equalizer usage
  (compiled binary 32 and 64 bit)
  fix function SetAudioMute
  reported by "Moisés Ribeiro" 

New API:



New events:


New meta data types:


Include demo source code and binary compiled with:

  Delphi 4 (2 demos)
  Delphi 7 (1 demo)
  Delphi 2007 (5 demos)
  Delphi XE7 (2 demos) with simple equalizer usage
  Lazarus 1.2.6 - FreePascal 2.6.4 (4 demo)

Please note:

  * 32 bit demo require 32 bit libvlc VideoLAN
  * 64 bit demo require 64 bit libvlc VideoLAN